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Mold Cleaner Degreaser Four

A new customer called today. He was working in the tool room and came across a can of our Slide Mold Cleaner degreaser 4 part number 46910. His company had never ordered this product from any one and was used to using a catalog house cleaning agent. Having no idea where this can came from (I suggested the Slide fairy) he sampled it and loved the way it cleaned without having to wipe it off and how fast it evaporated.

He ordered five cases today. I offered to send up free samples that we provide of other Slide products. He chose the  Slide rust preventive 40212, and Mold release agent 40012n so he can test them. Once he gets the products we set up a phone meeting in two weeks  to go over his results and see if there is anything else I can do to help. I do love when new customers discover how great Slide products are and how much easier they can make peoples jobs.