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Injection molding machines - DK Series

Complete Plastics Systems has been a leader in the injection molding industry for over 20 years. Our company offers great customer service towards its injection molding machines throughout the southeast and continues to strive towards excellence when providing solutions for the DK series injection molding press. We have vast experience in making sure our machines improve process and cycle times.

The DK Series injection molding machines are a double platen or two platen injection molding machine. This model press has both cabilities of being a hydraulic injection molding machine or a hybrid hydraulic-electric machine. On the hybrid hydraulic-electric machine we have the ability of turning the injection unit into a servo drive intsead of a hydraulic drive.  This model press also offers a high overload resistance and deformation resistance patented tie bar.  This patented mould open and close design, cylinder design and faster platen moving make the DK Series injection molding press a more stable and higher precision press.

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