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Krauss Maffie Barrels for Injection Molding

Krauss Maffie was started in the injection molding industry around 1945. In 1966 the company opened its branch in the United States in Florence KY. Since than we have cataloged a large portion of Krauss’ injection molding screws, injection molding barrels and injection molding screw tip assemblies.

Over the years we have been serving our customers by supplying them with OEM specified parts made of True CPM9V, H13 and D2 materials. Our manufacturing center is one of the only builders in the US that builds Barrels, Screws, end caps and tip assemblies all in house. We also rebuild any and all Barrels and Screw for extrusion, blow molding and injection molding presses. Being one of the only companies to supply all components and manufacture in house give us a huge advantage over our competitors.

Not having to build one piece like the injection molding screw and buy the replacement injection molding barrels outside allows us to not only make sure all components to fit together perfectly but also makes us very price competitive with out going out side the US for sub-quality products. Our Krauss Maffie injection molding barrels are made to last as long or longer than the OEM injection molding machine barrels with material that will fit any of your manufacturing needs. We have the OEM designs for your Krauss Maffie replacement injection molding barrel. Everything you need to keep you machine profitable.

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