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Van Dorn Screw Tip Assemblies

The Van Dorn Demag Corp. goes as far back as the 1940’s. They are one of the biggest machine makers for the plastics injection molding industry. We carry most prints for any Van Dorn, Demag or Newbury machine. Our Screw tip assemblies a designed to work with the OEM designs.

Following the OEM designs on our standard Demag Tips help our customers be able to have another source to call to if they need a ring for any size our ring sealing surface will fit with all Demag, Vandorn, Sumitomo and Newbury tips. CPM9v is a US made material and can not be sold out side the US. So if a aftermarket re-seller or catalog house bring parts in from out side the US (most Do) and says it is CPM material questions what they say. On glass filled applications CPM9v is the best on the market. Nitride Tips, Crew ware tips and tips that just say for hardened application will not hold up anywhere near as well.

Using the correct Screw tip will keep the shear down and secondary heat out of the mold and stop degradation of the material and help to give the most consistent process and highest production level.