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Slide Products

We started by supplying Heaters to the Plastics Industry in the Southeast. Our Staff is made up of ex-production and maintenance technicians. Heat Tech Systems is the now the largest Stocking distributor of Slide Products in the US. We keep our overhead low through working efficiently and purchasing in volume.

This has allowed us to supply high quality US made components to our customers when many of our competitors have gone over seas. Slide Product is one of the most recognized name in the industry. Slide has been an Industry leader in Manufacturing of Mold Release, Rust Preventatives and Injection Mold Cleaners for more than forty years. For FREE samples, please contact us!

NOTE: All aerosol cans are priced by the case. (12 aerosol cans per case) If you are an existing client, please use the note field to put in a purchase order or else you will be expected to pay with your credit card. Thank you!

Injection Molding Cleaners

Slide Products, Mold Release Agents, Rust preventatives, Injection Molding Cleaners, Purging Compounds,Lubricants, Cutting Oils and Plastic Part Cleaners, General Maintenance Items, & Slide Products carefully formulated the product to help you economically maximize your productivity. All our products are engineered and manufactured to the highest quality. This allows us to have a justification and pay back of just a few months. Slide Products has everything you need for all your mold maintenance needs.

Injection Molding Rust Preventatives

No ozone depleting chemicals. Non-penetrating.This Rust Preventive will not bleed out and mark parts. Injection mold Shield Rust Preventive Neutralizes fingerprints. Non-silicone. Self-cleaning in start-up. Seals out condensation. Excellent overnight protection. Injection mold shield has a unique, extra-dry spray package, which delivers a dry mist spray which will not penetrate into moving mold parts, including ejector pin holes, slides, cams, etc. Conventional rust preventives may leach out of mold crevices and mark parts, resulting in lost production time and rejected parts.

Injection Mold Release Agents

Paintable Injection Mold Release  Paint over it, plate over it, hot-stamp over it. No spalling and no fish-eyes. Perfect finish. Odorless. Ideal production line Injectdion Mold Release No special cleaning is needed before part decoration. You get perfect finishes every time and at least 25% more cycles per can over other comparable releases. Recognized by Underwriters Laboratories.

Injection Molding Purging Compounds

Slide Product Injection Molding Purging Compounds are formulated for all your Purging needs. Our Purging Materials our designed for both Injection Molding Machines and Extruders. With Slide being the experts of separating polymer from steel in your molds our purging materials are the best are cleaning the screw with no ware and least amount of time. Also while using only 1.5 time the barrels capacity at each purge there is not a more cost effective purge on the market. Both Liquid & Dry Purging Materials having a temperature ranges form 180 to 650 degrees.

Injection Molding Lubricants

Injection Molding Tooling Grease and Lubricants: Slide is one of the leaders in the Injection Molding Industry, for protecting your Mold & Increasing Productivity. For Mold Lubricants, Mold Release Agents, Mold Cleaners, Rust Preventives & Purging Compounds, Slide will work for you.