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Ceramic Heater Bands

The advantage to a Ceramic heater bands versus a Mica heater band is your getting a heater that can handle higher wattage for faster recovery and can handle higher temperatures than a Mica Heater. With Higher Ceramic Bands wattage you can respond faster for more consistency in your process. Also with high temperatures you will be able to run a much wider range of materials with more control.

If you run Ceramic bands with standard temperature materials you will get a much longer life out of a ceramic band than the normal Mica Band Heater. A Ceramic Band Heater give you much better control with a lot less lag time helping to maintain temperatures over the process. With Improved processing of your machine and longer life, Ceramic Bands will very easily justify the extra cost for the upgrade.

Complete Plastic System supplies ceramic heater bands to fit all manufacturers, makes and model Injection Molding Machines, Blow Molding Machines or Extruders. High Quality Ceramic Bands are made for long life in any industrial application.

The problem in any industry with Ceramic Band has always been building them with the correct plugs and lead types in a reasonable time frame at an reasonable cost. With a brief description of any of your replacement Ceramic Bands, now you will have the ability to be able to replace Ceramic Bands as fast as any Mica Heater Band in the market. Keeping the benefits of the Ceramic Bands the OEM intended at a price that will allow you keep Ceramic Bands on the equipment and help you get the best process possible at the highest production rate possible.