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Screws, Barrels and Tips

Heat Tech Systems Inc. and Complete Plastic Systems Inc. have been serving the US plastics market for over 25 years. Our Screw, Barrel and Tips manufacturing center only builds the highest quality products and to OEM spec’s. This means if you buy a Screw tips from us it will match the OEM seats, ring and retainer. In other words ours fits the OEM.

Unlike most after markets that have their own design so their part only fit their tips. We look at your application and make sure you have the material you need.

Our prices are very competitive, even when compared to aftermarket components.

Screw Tip Assemblies

Screw Tips for any material in your Injection Molding applications. If you have been in the plastic molding business you have seen all kinds of manufacturers of Screw Tips that claim their units are the best design in the industry. In the 70’s and 80’s co-polymers and new additives were introduced to solve issues with flame retardants, material strength, and color.

Injection Molding Barrels

With our team of maintenance and manufacturing personnel we have the knowledge and understanding to ensure that you will get the maximum life expectancy and that we will also be able to reline your barrels. We will work with you and go over prints and any processing ideas you may have. We supply full steel barrels in most cases because the bi-metal blanks coming from over seas can ware and have issue when rebuilding for the next long life of your production.

Injection Molding Screws

Complete Plastics Systems Inc. and Heat Tech Systems Inc. have been supplying the injection molding industry with screws for over 25 years. We are highly familiar with the various process issues customers may have in all type of molding and have helped many customers reduce their cycle times while being able to process with a more consistent process. With even the most corrosive plastics and most stubborn resins we are able to offer an injection molding screw that can last much longer as the competition that comes from overseas.

Extruder Screws

An extrusion screw is always designed with the highest through put in mind. Profile, Sheet, Pipe, blown film or any extruded product the screw will be designed to allow for the max out put. In extrusion getting the pounds out per hour is the most important thing but the screw is always set for the highest out put available allowed for the material that is running. 

Extruder Barrels

Extruder Barrels are very much like Blow molding barrels in that they have consistent and never ending flow. All the barrels are normally large enough for any rebuild program. Because of the size all Extrusion barrel are very good for rebuilds. In these sizes if you don’t have to buy all stock steel over your savings over a new barrel is very high.

Blow Molding Screws

Blow molding screws are made different from any other screw for the plastics industry. The blow molding machine screw is designed to provide a high through put with a very good mix of a material that it is designed for. Unlike injection molding where a machine will run many different types of material a blow molding screws are normally designed for a specific type of material and application.

Blow Molding Barrels

Most Blow Molding Machine Barrels are fairly large and very good candidates to be rebuild. Because of the size there are very good savings in rebuilding them over buying new. We supply Steel barrels because long term over Bi- Metal barrels can be rebuilt many time. Bi-metal barrels are an off shore spun cast barrel that are made of powdered metal and can warp and split. A spun cast barrel can not be stress relieved what makes them almost impossible to get straight.

Shooting Pots & Pistons

With Shooting Pots & Pistons we can easily rebuild them by boring them over size & replacing the piston to give a longer life of the piston & lower cost of the rebuild. Also we distribute New & rebuilt Shut off pins for all model Husky Machines. We have most prints for any new components needed, all we normally need is an OEM part number, we can pull the print and quote the part. Because we are also one of the largest Barrel & Screw suppliers in the market our full machining capabilities allow us to be very competitive against anyone.

Toggle Clamp Rebuilds

One of the largest re-builders of screws, barrels, tip assemblies, injection molding machine clamps in the U.s. Complete rebuilds from toggle bushings, toggle pins, toggle links, re-balance clamps, a full turn key rebuild or just a repair or whatever the customer’s needs are. Clamp assembly from any manufacturer from Husky, Cinncinnati, Vandorn – Demag, Sumitomo, Engel, & any other manufacturer. For a quote on a complete rebuild all we need is the machine tonnage, model number, pin size & the bushing material. From this information we can give you a full quote.

Nozzle Bodies & Tips

Full Line of One Piece Nozzles, Nozzle Tips, Replaceable Nozzle Bodies, Nozzle Adapters and Mold Clamps. Along with supplying Injection Molding Screws, Barrels & Tip Assemblies we are able to supply all your Nozzles, Nozzle Tips and Nozzle Bodies. Our Staff is made up ex-production & Maintenance Technicians, our goal is to offer our customers the best of both worlds. The advantages of Catalog Prices with the service of people that understand Injection Molding.

Please contact us directly with any of your questions or requests at (770) 427-3834.