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Injection Molding Machines

DK Series Injection molding machines

The DK Series injection molding machines for sale offers a high overload resistance and deformation resistance patented tie bar. This patented mould open and close design, cylinder design and faster platen moving make the DK Series injection molding press a more stable and higher precision press.

EKII Series Injection Molding Machines

The EKII Series injection molding machine for sale is a hydraulic and large volume injection molding machine that offers a unique and patented center clamping structure. This design has proven to reduce or elimenate flash as well as a enhance the product precision. 

EKS Series Injection Molding Machines

EKS series press for sale is a Servo - hydraulic hybrid. This model is a energy saving as well as a strong focus of precision with plus minus .5mm of mold opening and closing positioning accuracy and .2mm of injection poisitioning accuracy.

FE Series Injection molding machines

FE Series electric press for sale  utilizes a unique, enclosed ball screw structure that protects from dust, better heat dissapation, and constant lubrication. This design has proven to the FE Series injection molding press a versatile and long lasting press. 

Injection Molding Machines for Sale

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