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Injection Molding Rust Preventives

No ozone depleting chemicals. Non-penetrating.This Rust Preventive will not bleed out and mark parts. Mold Shield Rust Preventive Neutralizes fingerprints. Non-silicone. Self-cleaning in start-up. Seals out condensation. Excellent overnight protection. Mold shield has a unique, extra-dry spray package, which delivers a dry mist spray which will not penetrate into moving mold parts, including ejector pin holes, slides, cams, etc. Conventional rust preventives may leach out of mold crevices and mark parts, resulting in lost production time and rejected parts.

NOTE: All aerosol cans are priced by the case. (12 aerosol cans per case) If you are an existing client, please use the note field to put in a purchase order or else you will be expected to pay with your credit card. Thank you!