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Any Brand Injection Molding Coil Heaters

Introducing Our High-Performance Any Brand Coil Heaters for Optimal Plastic Molding

At Complete Plastics, we take pride in offering cutting-edge solutions for your plastic molding needs. Our Any Brand Coil Heaters are meticulously designed to revolutionize the way you approach hot runner mold applications. With a focus on quality, efficiency, and precision, our Any Brand Coil Heaters are engineered to elevate your plastic molding processes to new heights.

Unparalleled Design for Superior Heat Transfer
Our Any Brand Coil Heaters are ingeniously crafted to facilitate unparalleled heat transfer within your molds. With a unique 360-degree heat distribution capability, these heaters ensure that every nook and cranny of your mold cavity receives consistent and efficient heating. The flat design of our Any Brand Coil Heaters further enhances heat transfer, enabling optimal performance for both metal and thermoplastic materials.



Any Brand Injection Molding Coil Heaters

Precision Manufacturing for Exceptional Results

Crafted from premium 430 Stainless steel and carefully engineered to perfection, our Any Brand Coil Heaters undergo a meticulous shaping process. This process involves precise heating and gradual cooling, resulting in their distinctive spring shape. While minimal spring back is typical, it can be effortlessly corrected by shaping the heater around an undersized mandrel, ensuring a flawless fit every time.

Versatility in Application

Unlike conventional coil heaters, our Any Brand Coil Heaters are specifically designed to wrap around hot runner nozzles, allowing plastic to flow seamlessly through the coil. This innovative design ensures superior heating efficiency, surpassing the limitations of traditional coil heaters. The ability to accommodate various exit styles and angles further enhances their adaptability to fit any mold cavity configuration.

Integrated Thermocouples for Accurate Control

Our Any Brand Coil Heaters can be seamlessly integrated with internal J type or K type thermocouples, guaranteeing precise temperature measurement and control. This level of accuracy ensures a consistently stable melting of your plastic material, contributing to impeccable end-product quality.

Customizable Lead Materials and Sheathings
Tailoring our Any Brand Coil Heaters to meet your specific needs is our priority. For applications requiring high heat resistance, we offer lead materials made by Teflon. Additionally, our heaters can be equipped with braided metal leads or armor leads, providing versatile solutions to match your requirements.

Longevity and Quality Assurance
At Complete Plastics, we stand behind the longevity and reliability of our Any Brand Coil Heaters. Manufactured with unwavering attention to detail and subjected to rigorous quality control standards, our American-made heaters outshine the competition. Unlike some products that may lack thorough sizing checks and quality assurance, our Any Brand Coil Heaters are designed to deliver consistent performance and durability.

Efficiency in Delivery
We understand the significance of time in your operations. With our streamlined manufacturing process, we proudly offer a rapid delivery option, ensuring you receive your customized Any Brand Coil Heaters in as little as 5 days. 

Investing in Excellence
While conventional band heaters may offer cost savings upfront, we believe that investing in superior quality products ultimately translates into cost savings over the long term. With our Any Brand Coil Heaters, you not only secure a higher quality solution but also benefit from extended lifespan, reduced downtime, and enhanced operational efficiency.

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