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Arburg Injection Molding Coil Heaters

Introducing Our Dynamic Arburg Coil Heaters: Propelling Plastic Molding Excellence

At Complete Plastics, we are dedicated to delivering the latest solutions for your plastic molding demands. Our Arburg Coil Heaters are meticulously crafted to redefine your approach to hot runner mold applications. With an unwavering commitment to quality, efficiency, and precision, our Arburg Coil Heaters are engineered to take your plastic molding processes to unprecedented heights.


Unmatched Design for Superior Heat Transfer

Step into the future of heat transfer with our ingenious Arburg Coil Heaters. These heaters are masterfully designed to ensure unparalleled heat distribution within your molds. Equipped with a distinctive 360-degree heat dispersion capability, they guarantee consistent and efficient heating throughout every crevice of your mold cavity. The sleek and flat design of our Arburg Coil Heaters further amplifies heat transfer efficiency, enabling optimal performance for both metallic and thermoplastic materials.


Arburg Injection Molding Coil Heaters

Precision Craftsmanship for Exceptional Outcomes

Forged from premium 430 Stainless Steel and meticulously shaped to perfection, our Arburg Coil Heaters undergo a meticulous process. This process involves precise heating followed by gradual cooling, resulting in their signature spring shape. While minimal spring back is natural, it can be effortlessly adjusted by shaping the heater around a slightly smaller mandrel, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

Versatility Redefined

Diverge from conventional coil heaters – our Arburg Coil Heaters are innovatively designed to embrace hot runner nozzles, enabling the seamless flow of plastic through the coil. This groundbreaking design ensures unparalleled heating efficiency, shattering the confines of traditional coil heaters. Their adaptability extends further with compatibility for various exit styles and angles, making them a perfect fit for any mold cavity configuration.


Integrated Thermocouples for Precision Control

Our Arburg Coil Heaters seamlessly integrate with internal J type or K type thermocouples, guaranteeing precise temperature measurement and control. This level of precision ensures a consistently stable melting process for your plastic materials, contributing to flawless end-product quality.

Customizable Lead Materials and Sheathings

Personalization is paramount. Tailoring our Arburg Coil Heaters to meet your specific needs is our hallmark. For applications demanding high heat resistance, we offer Teflon-made lead materials. Furthermore, our heaters can be equipped with braided metal leads or armor leads, providing a spectrum of versatile solutions to align precisely with your requirements.

Longevity and Quality Assurance

Our conviction in the durability and reliability of our Arburg Coil Heaters is unwavering. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and subjected to rigorous quality control standards, our American-made heaters eclipse the competition. Unlike some products that may compromise on sizing checks and quality assurance, our Arburg Coil Heaters are engineered to consistently perform and endure.

Efficiency in Every Facet

Time is a precious resource in your operations, and we understand its value. Through a streamlined manufacturing process, we offer a rapid delivery option. This ensures you receive your custom Arburg Coil Heaters in as little as 5 days.

Investing in Excellence

While conventional band heaters might offer upfront cost savings, we firmly believe that investing in premium quality products ultimately leads to long-term cost efficiency. With our Arburg Coil Heaters, you're not just purchasing a superior solution – you're embracing extended lifespan, minimized downtime, and amplified operational efficiency.

Experience the Future of Plastic Molding with Complete Plastics. Reach out today to explore how our advanced Arburg Coil Heaters can reshape your molding processes and elevate your productivity.

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