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Extruder Screws

An extrusion screw is always designed with the highest through put in mind. Profile, Sheet, Pipe, blown film or any extruded product the screw will be designed to allow for the max out put. In extrusion getting the pounds out per hour is the most important thing but the screw is always set for the highest out put available allowed for the material that is running. So like all extrusion screws the mixers, compression ratio’s, L/D, Barrier fights and different tool steels will all be used to get the best material quality, mix and flow for any application.

Material of the screw is very important and depending if you are running PVC, Linier Low, Poly Carbonate or PE every material has it own needs and screw design to gain the best flow through the die head. Wall thickness will always affect the flow. The thinner the better so the screw needs to be designed with a lot of details to make sure you have complete control over the process.

Whether your dealing with a Davis Standard or a Beckum extruder we carry prints and specifications from the OEM to ensure that you receive the same quality if not better. Our goal is to make sure that we keep our customers for the next 30 Years.

Some of the OEM types of Extruder molding screws we can supply include: 

  • Davis Standard
  • HPM
  • Cincinnati
  • Klouster
  • Sterling
  • Welex
  • Krauss Maffei
  • Berstorff
  • NRM
  • Milacron

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