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Extruder Barrels

Extruder Barrels are very much like blow molding barrels, because they also have consistent, and never-ending flow. All of the extruder barrels are normally large enough for any rebuild program. Because of their size, Extrusion barrels are good options for possible rebuilds. In these sizes, if you don’t have to buy all steel material, your cost saving will be substantial.

Most barrels for extrusion are made of 4140 root metal, with a liner that holds up to the process. It was designed for D2, 135 M and Carbide. These are some of the materials that work very well. New extrusion barrels are a large part of our business, however, in an effort to save customers money, we do all we can do make sure relines are explained to the customer. We help each customer consider that option.

On a single screw extruder, we can build new Screws, Barrels, and/or most any feed throat (in-house!) We are one of the only suppliers that are able to get new or rebuilt products, all done in our factory.

OEM types of Extruder molding barrels we can supply include: 

  • Davis Standard
  • HPM
  • Cincinnati
  • Klouster
  • Sterling
  • Welex
  • Krauss Maffei
  • Berstorff
  • NRM
  • Milacron

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