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Barrel Blankets

Unitherm Insulated Barrel Blankets

UniVest is a Modular Insulation Blanket designed for quick and easy use on injection barrels, extruders, melt pipes, and other types of cylinder applications. 
Top-quality Barrel Blankets: Our barrel blankets lock in place, with Double D buckles to secure it. They are also made to your size specifications. 

Barrell Blanket Sizing: The Barrel Blanket is made just like the UniVest, but it is for orders that need a specific dimension. The Barrel Blanket can be ordered in any size, with increments of one inch, from 13″ – 44″ circumference, and 2″ – 37″ wide.

We are also a distributor for UniVest: We have Univest Modular Insulation Blankets for Heaters, Dies, and Transfer Lines. We have Insulation Blankets to insulate most Injection Mold and Extrusion Machines. 

Barrell Blankets insulate transfer lines by using singles, or multiples, side by side. You can insulate Blown Film or Blow Mold dies, by strapping the blankets end-to-end, to wrap a larger circumference area.

With the UniVest Modular Insulation Blankets, you have the “Off-The-Shelf” purchasing at Complete Plastics Inc.

Barrel Insulation Blankets

Barrel Insulation Blankets are like our UniVest Modular Insulation Blanket but can be ordered to the specific size that you need. Our insulation blankets are custom manufactured to fit your insulating needs. The Barrel Blankets, above, can be altered with slits, cutouts, or other augmentations. For more complex objects, CAD 3D is used to virtually design an insulation system for whatever application you have.
Why use barrel insulation blankets? 
  • These blankets provide energy savings. (see Payback Incentives) 
  • The blankets also provide personnel protection benefits

Customized Insulation Blankets

UniTherm covers a broad range of temperatures by using insulation systems fabricated from both high temperature and low temperature components. 
UniTherm’s main product is its unequaled line of high temperature insulation blankets, that can withstand 2000 degrees on the inner hot face! 
These blankets provide two primary functions:
  1. They retain energy by directing the heat back into the injection barrels, extrusion barrels, blow molders, die heads, and other heated equipment. (Typical payback is between 4 to 8 months.)
  2. The blankets provide employee protection from potential burn and/or electrical shock. OSHA requires that all machines with temperatures exceeding 175 degrees, to be covered with some form of protection.

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