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Blow Molding Screws

Blow molding screws are made differently from any other screw, for the plastics industry. The blow molding machine screw is designed to provide a high rate of through-put for your production needs. Unlike injection molding, where a machine will run many different types of material, blow molding screws are normally designed for a specific type of material and application. This is an important detail to know, when choosing a replacement. 

A Variety of Blow Molding Shapes and Sizes: A blow molding screw head may have a variety of shapes and head types. The screw can be anything from a coat-hanger type of head, a spiral head, or other. The screw is designed to provide a melt and flow of material, to allow flow though the head. 

Equipment Usage Tip: On the equipment, when working with a multi-layer head, the melt stream needs to be consistent, and with a very controlled mixture. Whether you run gas tanks, bottles, drums, or mail boxes, you must have a controlled flow and mix to produce a good result.

Materials Used in Blow Molding Screws: Most blow molding screws are made of 4140 base metal, with either a col 56 for a standard, hard-facing, and chrome for easy cleaning (to make a color change as quick as possible). 

Blow Molding Screws use a Barrier Design: Almost all screws that are designed for a blow molding machine will have a barrier design. This helps produce a better flow of material and increase pounds per hour (rate per rpm) of the drive. The barrier design allows the material to move from the feed to the die head, with good flow and consistency. 

Color mixing options with blow molding screws: In a lot of cases, the screw will have a mixer, if the machine is going to run a color change application. The barrier folds the material, and the mixer blends the color in. 

OEM types of blow molding screws we supply include:

  • Sterling
  • Uniloy
  • Milacron
  • Beckum
  • Krupp
  • Kautex
  • Side

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