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Tie Bars for Injection Molding Machines

Tie Bars on an injection molding press is the most important area. With our 20 plus years of experience we have helped in supplying numerous new and repaired tie bars. Our tie bars can be either Chrome Plated or polished and Ground. We can also supply the Tie Bar Nuts as well and ensure proper tolerances and matching specifications to the Tie Bars. The  lead times and pricing that we supply are highly competitive with anyone else you can find in the market as well as the OEM’s. 

In order for us to quote a new tie bar we will need the following information:

  • OD of the Tie Bar
  • Thread Pitch & Thread Length (Stationary and Adjustable Side)
  • Overall Length
  • Make and Model of Press

Please contact us directly with any of your questions or requests at (770) 427-3834.