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Toshiba Screws for Injection Molding

Toshiba Machine Company was established in 1961 In Japan. The company later added a division to America in 1974. Ever since than Toshiba has been developing injection molding equipment. We work with manufacturing to build OEM design based injection molding screws that can be made to work with any resin that you use. We carry almost all the prints for the Toshiba's OEM injection molding screws. All our injection molding screws are made in the US of the highest quality materials to give the longest life possible and pay back available in the market.

Unlike after market suppliers that give off shore quality or lack of quality we work very hard to find the issues of our customer and find the material and design to makes them the most profit they can possibly gain from there machine. There are a lot of cheap suppliers out there. We work to make you more money.