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Sterling Auxiliary Equipment

Sterling ACS Chillers

Sterling ACS Chiller Systems offer both packaged chillers that range from 5-60 Tons and for the Central Chillers we offer most any tonnage needs necessary. We offer both water cooled and air cooled systems to compete heavliy in the market. The Chillers come with many options such as variable frequency drives and electrically actuated cooling water regulating valves. With many more options availble we are able to stay successful in a ever changing market.

Sterling ACS Temperature Controllers & Thermolators

We offer both water and oil temperature controller systems. For the water systems we offer a 300F System as well. Our proprietary controller comes standard on most of our units but we also offer 1/4 Din Eurotherm controllers as well as Watlow controllers. With our high watt density heaters and superior valving we have the most robust TCU’s in the market. Some models can also be found in stock and can ship within 48 hours.

Sterling ACS Dryers

We offer a wide range of dryer systems from Dessicant bed , compressed air to Wheel style driers. We offer them in a wide range of throughputs and configurations to meet any application you may possibly need. Our controllers offer tight tolerances in all different climate ranges and for any resin you may be needing to dry.

Sterling ACS Blenders

Sterling’s new ACS Blender has the a new proprietary paddle design that allows for the best blend of multple resins. With that we can have up to 8 different componants and a maximum blend throughput of 6,000lbs. Also with the new slide gate design it can meter down to 5 pellets at a time offering precision blending recipes.

Sterling ACS Conveying Systems

Our  Sterling ACS Conveying Systems are a wide range from needing a single pneumatic or eletric loader for a hopper or feed throat or even a complex central system with receivers , pumps, and filtration. The new control interface offers modular design and ability to stay flexible in a ever changing enviroment as well as advanced VPN access to have constant data anywhere you may be.

Sterling has been in business for over 100 years and still continues to produce the best quality in the industry with its equipment.