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Nissei Injection Molding Mica Barrel Band Heaters

We only supply High Quality, US Made, Mica Barrel Band Heaters. Our Mica Barrel Band Heaters will last longer in production and cause less down time than cheaper, offshore Heater Bands. We run our company very efficiently with low overhead, together with buying in volume, our prices are in most cases are less than catalog houses. Low quality Nozzle Bands have cost our customers twenty times as much in lost production and downtime than they could have possibly saved in price. Now you can have Great Prices and High Quality Mica Barrel Band Heaters, so get the best of both worlds.

All Prices Based on a 5 Piece Price order if you need more or less than contact us at (770) 427-3834.

We keep most nozzle band heaters in stock and in most cases can ship within a few days.