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Blow Molding Barrels

Most Blow Molding Machine Barrels are fairly large and very good candidates to be rebuild. Because of the size there are very good savings in rebuilding them over buying new. We supply Steel barrels because long term over Bi- Metal barrels can be rebuilt many time. Bi-metal barrels are an off shore spun cast barrel that are made of powdered metal and can warp and split. A spun cast barrel can not be stress relieved what makes them almost impossible to get straight.

With the steel barrel they are stress relieved for straightness and then put a liner of 25 thou per side for a much longer life. The root metal is 4140 and we can line it with everything from 135m, D2, Caribide it just depends on the type of process the customers material demands.

OEM types of blow molding barrels we supply include:

  • Sterling
  • Uniloy
  • Milacron
  • Krupp
  • Kautex
  • Side

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