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Screw Tip Assemblies

Why Choose Complete Plastics for your new injection molding screw tip assembly?

1.    Our Replacement Parts Offer Versatility and Reliability:

We are proud to support our customers with full certification of all materials that we build their parts from. We want our customers to be assured of the quality in our parts. We even use the correct materials for the replacement parts. We understand the purpose of the part in the machine, so we know how to make a reliable replacement.

Here’s an example of how we help the customer: If you have a Nissei Molding machine and the OEM recommends CPM9V for your application, there are many materials that can be used. (As a customer, without Certification you would have no idea that a CPM9V unit wouldn’t last as long.) With complete Plastics, we offer full certification of the materials! You can rely on our expertise for your replacement parts.

2.    Our Company History Proves Our Expertise in the Industry:

If you have been in the plastic molding business, you have seen that many manufacturers of Screw Tips that claim their units are the best design in the industry. In the 70’s and 80’s, co-polymers and new additives were introduced to solve issues with flame retardants, material strength, and color. Due to the changes, the old screw tip designs needed to be changed. One of these, was a general-purpose screw tip that was 3 pieces and non-free flowing. With the new material coming on the market, the standard Screw tip would burn the material or would not flow at all. This is the point where the market was flooded with new designs. We understand this problem and know how to solve it!

Potential Issues with Injection Molding Screw Tip Assembly Designs:


Screw tip Assembly: Four Piece design

This design came out to help with the wear issues of the glass-filled material. The point of these were that you sacrifice the front and rear seats, due to wearing to save the more expensive parts (like the retaining head and ring). The issues that came afterward, were that they were not free-flowing, and they had issues with burning, but for certain applications this is a good design.

Injection Molding Screw Tip Assembly: The Castel or Locking Design

The Locking design was developed for applications that that required quick and consistent shut off to the injection mold. For consistency, this was a very good design. It worked well on smaller parts, and was used on Japanese applications, almost exclusively. The down side of the design was that the clearance between the barrel wall, and the screw tip ring, had to be enlarged to not burn or gull the barrel.

With the tip turning with the screw, if you left the same clearance as the non-locking style (with the ring turning with the screw) it generated significant heat and would burn. In larger machines, it could lock up and damage the screw tip or barrel. The clearance (depending on the size of the machine) would have to be opened up from the standard .0015″ per side to upwards of .006″ per side. The issue then becomes that some jobs in the plant can run well with .012″ clearance between the barrel wall and the ring on a new tip.

Screw Tip Assembly: Three Piece Free flow

This Design was an upgrade from the standard three-piece tip design. The changes were that the ring was opened up for more clearance, as well as the flutes in the retaining head were deeper, and followed all the way forward, closer to the tip of the retainer. This was the best of all the options. This design created great flow for Glass filled material with no burning, and would reduce heat in the first two zones of the machine, for better control.

Industry Problems Made Way for New Screw Tip Materials!

As designs changed, so did the material of the tips. Most were made from D2 at that point. Now, there is CPM 9V and Carbide for high ware applications, and H13 and D2 for general purpose materials, as well as PVC and low temperature materials. H13 material is such a versatile material, it is used for 70% of the application in the market.

We offer great customer service for helping you select a new screw tip assembly! Between the new designs for Screw Tips and the material upgrades, if you let us know what your applications are, we can set you up with the design that will fit your application and give you a standard tip design to help you stop the issue that you have in production. If all of your machines have the same design tips, you can profile your jobs easier and the cost of replacement is lower.

The major issues we have in the Screw tips market today is cost vs. price. The one thing to keep in mind, is that anyone can build you a cheap tip; China, India, and so on. Remember: The screw tips are the life of your machine and your production. Buy a good tip that will last and make production more consistent.

Our quality of parts will reward you with a better production results and longer lasting materials. We can assist you with screw tips of any size and machine make. We supply screw tips in all designs, with all material specs. to give you the longest life.