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Injection Molded Parts Conveyor

Our Part Conveyors are designed and built in the US. They are built by engineers that understand automation in the Injection molding industry and understand what a useful conveyor is. It needs to be user friendly, flexible, and can be space saving and with most options as standard features. We don’t have all the added cost of separate options like competitive conveyors, so we built this conveyor with the all in one mentality. Our customers can just plug it in and let it go! 

  • Made the way U.S.conveyors used to be
  • Full Featured Controller
  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame
  • Heavy Duty Chain Drive
  • Simple adjustment of the belt.
  • Heavy Duty widely used US parts for quick delivery and more time in production.

Flat Conveyors, Incline Conveyors and Fully Adjustable

In our full line of Conveyors are Cleated Belt Conveyors, Incline Conveyors, Flat Belt Conveyors, L shaped under the press Conveyors and indexing conveyors.

Standard Features:

  • Soft Rubber Swivel Casters
  • 1″ high Cleats standard in incline conveyors
  • Rugged Chain Drive System
  • V Groove belt steady alignment
  • White, antistatic monofilament
  • Quick and easy leg adjustment
  • Standard widths but custom conveyors available
  • Easy Set Up
  • IO standard for machine part reject

Custom Features:

  • L shape units
  • Custom dimensions and angles   
  • Custom Infeed hopper
  • Custom Sidewalls
  • Belt types

Standard Conveyor Sizes:

  • 4’x12"
  • 4’x18”
  • 4’x24”
  • 6’x12”
  • 6’x18”
  • 6’x24”
  • 9’x12”
  • 9’x18”
  • 9’x24″

Please contact us directly with any of your questions or requests at (770) 427-3834.