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Engel Screws for Injection Molding

Engel has been making injection molding machines since 1948 and their first machine was on the market in 1959. Engel now is known for high end injection molding machinery and has branches across the entire world. They supply a large volume of injection molding screws, barrels and tip assemblies to the plastics industry nationwide. With that being said, we carry most of Engel’s OEM prints to make sure you get the same high quality as if you were buying direct from Engel. The only differences is are price is much less as well as being located in the United States.

Engel has many designs, but we feel the long style three piece free flow work best for most applications. Gives great flow with less heat to mold with no degrading of the material. Less heat in the mold less heat out which helps our customers with higher quality production and more productivity. We have materials for glass filled application, to cure black spec’ing issues to general purpose materials.