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  • Portable and Central Chiller Systems

    Portable and Central Chiller Systems for process cooling to either you injection molding machine, extrusion lines, or blow molding presses. We have sizes and options for all applications.

  • Thermo Barrel Blankets

    Save money and get a more consistent process with thermo barrel blankets. We carry Purge guards for protecting the blankets. Purge guards are made in sections for ease of use. Save energy and improve your process. Complete Plastic Systems offers you quality, savings and availability.

  • Thermocouples

    We are happy to be one of the largest distributors of Thermocouples in the Southeastern United States. Whatever demands you may have, from one of a kind to standard designs, we are equipped to promptly satisfy your request. Click to see a list of sensors that we manufacture.

  • Temperature Controllers

    Wether you call them Thermolators or Temperature controllers. Sterlco did it the best and did it first. From 12KW to 48 KW and from .75HP to 10HP Pumps, we carry all different setups dependant on your molding needs. 

  • Material Handling and Blending

    The complete package with blending multiple resin colors and types to conveying at any distance from Silo to Press. 

  • Granulators

    Full line of Granulators for plastics, rubber, and recycling. With beside the press style granulators to full central systems to tie into the conveying system , we carry it all