• Injection Molding Screws

    Injection molding & extrusion screws, barrels & tip assemblies supplied to the OEM standard or designed to increase your production. Screws, barrels & tips made in the USA, high quality for the plastic Industry. We supply all US built screws and barrels.

  • Heaters

    We carry a full line of stock Nozzle Heaters, Mica-Barrel Band Heaters, Coil Heaters, and Cartridge Heaters. As a distributor of industrial heaters, we offer excellent pricing, local stocking & great service. Our combined corporate purchasing strength keeps us competitive.

  • Slide Products

    Our Staff is made up of ex-production & maintenance technicians. Heat Tech Systems is the now the largest Stocking distributor of Slide Products in the US. We keep our overhead low through working efficiently & purchasing in volume.

  • Injection Molding Equipment

    We sell the highest quality injection molding machines, robots, chillers, blenders, temperature controls, grinders and plastic driers found in the United States. Please browse this site to learn more about the amazing brands we proudly offer.

  • Screw Tip Assemblies

    We are proud of supporting our customers with full certification of all material we build their parts from. We want our customer to know what they are paying for is what they get. If you have a supplier that says  they don’t do that, it’s time to get a new supplier!!!

  • Nozzle Bodies, Adapters & Tips

    We supply all Standard and Specially sized Nozzles, Replaceable Nozzle Tips, Nozzle Bodies, Adapters and Mold Clamps. We buy in volume to be able to compete with Catalog house pricing with quality US made components.

  • Hot Runner Control Systems

    Hot Runner Controls Main Frames for Injection Molding Machines. All Main Frames are set up to handle and insert into any competitive unit. Our Main Frames have an anti-arce system to stop any short from jumping to another module. Call or click for more information.

  • Gaylord Covers

    IPS Gaylord Covers prevent your raw material from becoming contaminated from air born dirt, dust, and other unwanted debris by keeping them secure within the container. Now IPS has introduced its new bigger cover that fits the new larger Gaylord.

  • Injection Molding Barrels

    We have been serving the US plastics market for over 25 years. Our Screw, Barrel and Tips manufacturing center only builds the highest quality products and to OEM specs, meaning, it matches the OEM seats, ring and retainer.

  • Barrel Blankets

    Save money and get a more consistent process with Thermo Barrel Blankets. Purge guards for protecting the blankets and they are made in sections for ease of use. Save energy, improve your process and easy to use. Complete Plastics offers quality, savings and availability.

  • Themocouples

    We are happy to be one of the largest distributors of Thermocouples in the Southeast. Whatever demands you may have, from one of a kind to Standard Designs, we are equipped to promptly satisfy your request. Click above to see a list of sensors that we manufacture.

  • PVC Material Hose

    Heavy duty PVC food grade material handling hose with embedded grounding wire For dry applications. This product is designed to dissipate static electricity when the metal wire is properly connected to ground, through the fitting or other means.