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A customer  called and ordered two five gallon containers of silicone Emulsion today. Normally this would not be unusual however this time it was  I had to order the product from manufacturing in IL because the bulk orders are filled per order. For those of you who don’t know the specifics on Silicone Emulsion it is a water based lubricant that is perfect for applications that require gloss, antistatic, lubrication, and protective properties. It is also a  Lubricant that is suitable for food contact. My customer had ordered today however I had to call back  to let him know that his po would not be shipping as it was 25 degrees in IL where Slide Products is located and you can not ship this product in the cold  it contains water and  will freeze. If the 51932 which is the part number for the Silicone Emulsion does freeze it can not be used once it thaws. For any one who has every tried to make their own salad dressing you know that oil and water do NOT mix. Using our emulsion process we can get them to mix and that is the science behind the silicone emulsion.  The problem comes when the mixture freezes it kicks the compound out of the emulsion process and we can not put it back. If I was to ship it frozen by the time it arrived at the customer it would be a big blob that would not be usable. My customer understood I was able to get him a few sample cans from here in GA where it is 60 today and we will just have to wait on mother nature to warm IL up before we can get the rest of the bulk order to him.