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Complete Plastics Systems Inc. and Heat Tech Systems Inc. have been supplying the injection molding industry with screws for over 25 years. We are highly familiar with the various process issues customers may have in all type of molding and have helped many customers reduce their cycle times while being able to process with a more consistent process. With even the most corrosive plastics and most stubborn resins we are able to offer an injection molding screw that can last much longer as the competition that comes from overseas. We can do this mainly by being able to qualify the steel all the way from its stock through the milling and QC processes, provide the correct material for your application. We have found for high filled glass applications that a CPM 9V screw works best and for corrosive materials your best bet is going with a D2 material that contains chromium for PC, Delrins type materials. We work with many types of coatings such as Nitriding, Colmonoy 56, Colmonoy 83, and Carbide Encapsulation.

We also are able to build the injection molding screws to any profile as well as adjusting the metering, transition and feed sections to work with almost any type of resin and process. Remember as one of the biggest suppliers of Screws in the US we can rebuild any screws over a 35mm which can help you save money and get quicker turnaround times on Screws. Anything under 35mm is most of the time too small to weld without going past the core materials and warping the screw, At that point new screw are more cost effective. Rebuilds are a very good option and will give you the same type life expectancy.

We stock a tremendous amount of standard size screws for most brands of machines and can build forstockedscrews any custom application. We have built for Cincinnati, Van Dorn, Husky, Nissei, and Toshiba. We have built custom applications where we have downsized a 400 ton Press with an 80mm Screw and barrel package to house a 40mm screw and barrel and cut the shot size down by 75%. We also are able to make sure that when we build an entire package that with everything built in house we make sure everything is timed and fitted in our shop. If rebuilding is an option, we have found that we are able to save the customer roughly 40 to 60 percent of the cost of a new screw. We get sent a lot of repair screws with flight ware or a broken drive end are the most common. Please don’t throw these screws away they are great way to have backups for your machines and save cost. Let us show you that we can save your screw and also repair it to its OEM tolerances and give you a good production screw while save money.

We supply Mixing Screws, Barrier Designs, High wear in any machine size or manufacturer. We also have certain screws in stock at manufacturing.

Our Staff is made up of maintenance and production people that have many years of molding experience. We listen to your needs and understand what you are looking for. Your needs may vary from a standard OEM Design to a better mixing screw with faster recovery rates.

We can work with you on process improvements or just a standard Screw. We purchase from the best the industry has to offer. This means we supply only the highest quality US made components at very competitive prices. We know the trend is to become more Profitable by buying products from China and Mexico. We find that by supporting the US manufacturers and working more efficiently, we are able to supply a better quality product with better support and great prices. Please give us a try. We stock a tremendous amount of standard size Screws, Barrels and Tips for most brands of machines and can build any thing you need.