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Injection  Molding Screws & Barrels

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Screws, Barrels  for Injection Molding Machines & Extrusion Screws.

Heat Tech Systems Inc. and Complete Plastic Systems Inc. have been serving the US plastics market for over 25 years. Our Screw, Barrel and Tips
manufacturing center only builds the highest quality products and to OEM spec’s. This means if you buy a Screw tips from us it will match the OEM seats, ring and retainer. In other words ours fits the OEM. Un-like most after markets that have their own design so their part only fit their tips. We look at your application and make sure you have the material you need. Our prices are very good even compared to aftermarket components and last much longer, made in the US. Buy the best!! The Best is a supplier that will give you certification of all material you Screws and tips are made of. There are so many materials out there that most customer can’t tell without test what the material really is. So you can order CPM9V but may be getting D2 Nitride. Will not last nearly as long as CPM9V but the customer doesn’t know until it to late and it last half as long. Ask for certifications of material and if your supplier will not give it to you or says they don’t track it, then get a new supplier and call us!!!

Information we will need for your quote …

  • Machine type
  • Machine size
  • Screw Diameter
  • L/D
  • Overall Length
  • and if you require a high wear resistance package.


We supply all US built Screws, Barrels . This way we can assure you get the highest quality product in the market.  Off Shore tips from catalog houses don’t last and since our manufacturing builds for the OEM we have to build to the tolerances and quality they demand.

We supply screws, barrels, and tip assemblies for the injection molding industry as well as supplying the screws and barrels for the extrusion industry. We build to OEM specifications and hold tighter tolerances as well. We build for many of the OEM’s such as Van Dorn Demag, Cincinnati, Engel, Toshiba, Sumitomo, Nissei and more.We also can help with upsizing or downsizing packages for almost any certain process to deliver a full custom tailored package to meet your production needs.

Rebuilding Screws and Barrels are a Very good way to save money on you up keep of the machine. On screw over 35mm and any size barrels can be relined and rebuilt and hold up very well against new. Don’t throw our your old set and you can save about 40 to 60 present the cost of a new Barrel and Screw.

Quotes are normally given within a few hours.

Quick delivery on Tips & standard size Screws & Barrels!

We will work hard for your business & we look forward to working with you.

  • We stock & Supplies all Size Screw Tips.

  • We Supply Screw Tips in high wear or GP designs to fit any Screw tips for Injection Molding Machines.

  • We supply New Injection Molding Screws & New Extruder Screws also Rebuilt Injection Molding Screws and Extruder Screws, Mixing Screws, Barrier designs, High Wear Components in any machine size or manufacturer.

  • We supply Barrels made with corrosion resistant, GP and wear resistant liners. We can supply any make or brand.