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Can you rebuild my screw?


Can you rebuild my screw? That was the big question of the day for me. I had a customer who has a 110 ton Cincinnati machine and a 35mm Screw with a 5 oz shot. The maintenance staff had come to him and said the tip assembly broke off breaking the screw in its wake. First thing I did was have him send over a few picture of the screw and where it broke. After reviewing them it turned out that the brake was parallel with the screw long ways. With this being the case there was no way to rebuild it as we could never make it strong enough to last. If the break had been  a clean break straight across either in the front 30% of the screw or in the drive end of the screw  we could cut the end off and then re machine it.  In this case we had to make a new screw all together for the customer. I would strongly recommend giving us a call with any of your used or broken screws if a repair is possible it can save a lot of time and money.