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Plastics Granulators

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Zerma was founded in 1943 in Radebeul Germany. Now 73 years later Zerma covers all over the world including the UK, Latin America, Australia, and Asia. They cover many applications from injection molding, extrusion, blow molding and all the way to designing systems for tire recycling and wood recycling. They maintain great quality with tight tolerances and heavy QC services in multiple parts of the manufacturing process.

    Tangential Granulators


    The Tangential Design Granulator is great for the blow molded part with thin walls. The unit comes in  two different rotor sizes as well as widths ranging from 300 to 1000mm. These units are packed with many other features as well.


  • GST-8

    • Compact Design
    • Soundproofed chamber and hopper
    • Agressive infeed and curved backwall
    • Large Screen Area
    • Knives are adjusted outside the machine
    • Low feeding height
    • Small footprint

    Economical Granulators

    The economical line of granulators is great for the small and thin wall parts. With the three different series there are many options to choose from.

  • GSE300


  • GSE500

    gse 500

  • GSE700

    gse 700

    Heavy Duty Granulators

    The heavy duty line is great for all parts of size and thickness . These units are mainly seen used as central in house recycling applications.

  • GSH350-500

    gsh 350-500


  • GSE600-700

    gsh 600-700

  • GSH800

    gsh 800

  • GSH1100

    gsh 1100