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Mica Band VS Ceramic Band


The difference between the Ceramic and Mica Bands.

I came across this issue today with one of my customers it’s something we run into on a regular basis. When he purchased his machine it came equipped with ceramic bands. He was calling to order a few more to put on the shelf as back up. “Which is always a smart decision”. During the process of getting a quote put together for him we decided based on the sustained temperature of the process he was using that  there was no reason for him to have to to spend the extra money on a ceramic band. Ceramic bands can handle 300 – 400 degrees more heat than a mica band can but he only required 700 degrees F and our mica  bands can handle that very easily. He and I discussed all of the pros and cons such as how fragile ceramic bands can be and how there are many more modifications that can be added to a ceramic band (ie cooling jackets, and blowers) however on the other side we can make a mica band on expedite in one day and they are a lot less expensive. We were able to save him money and give him as good a response as he was getting with the ceramics by going with a mica band.