Mineral insulated bands are a high wattage heater with ratings up to 100W/in2. The MI bands are great for any application that needs fast heat up times without having to worry about causing failure to the heater in the process.

The MI bands are a stainless steel sheath wrapped around a nichrome heating core embedded in an aluminum oxide compound that has to be dried for a 4-5 day period before it can be baked for 40 hours. The baking process ensures that the compound becomes a solid piece of ceramic inside the heating element.

The heater band can come with a large number of termination styles, sizes, as well as holes and cutouts.

We stock all standard sizes and wattage. With all our bands being made in the US our customers know that the quality they buy is the best in the industry. We have not gone overseas to profit, we have elected to make sure our customers receive the longest lasting bands available. It makes no sense in saving a few dollars on a heater that will cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in downtime replacing parts that fail.


Mica Band Heaters range from 3/4″ Inner Diameter to any size imagined. The only limit in creating a heater band is the wattage per square inch per the size of the heater. The general rule of thumb for the safe line of manufacturing a mica band is mica bands under 3″ is 45 Watts Per Square Inch, mica bands under 6″ is 40 Watts per square inch and when you get to the 10 inch to 15 inch size range your square wattage should be 25- 35 Watts per square inch. The reason for this is the expansion of the material and the more wattage will cause the heater to get to hot for the expansion and will cause premature failure of the heater band.

Mica Bands are constructed with a stainless steel sheath on the outside to protect from corrosion, abrasion, as well as increase the heat transfer. Inside the Mica band is a sheet of mica that is wrapped in either a winding or a ribbon of nichrome and sandwiched again between two more sheets inside the stainless steel sheath. The Heaters bands can come in a variety of lock ups as well as termination. We are able to cross over any type of band and configuration from any make of OEM machine to any machine that needs any type of heater.

Most heater bands are made with a standard lead time of 2-3 weeks but can be expedited within a day or 2 depending on the price and your situation whether your down or just need stock.

Please contact us directly with any of your questions or requests at (770) 427-3834.