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Battenfeld Screws and Barrels are at Complete Plastic Systems!

Battenfeld Screws and Barrels are at Complete Plastic Systems!

If you are in the injection molding industry, you have probably heard about the brand name of Battenfeld screws and barrels. The Battenfeld brand is a reputable brand with a great reputation. It is also a common brand used in the injection molding industry.

Nissei Screw and Nissei Replacement Parts are at Complete Plastics

Nissei Screw and Nissei Replacement Parts are at Complete Plastics

We have the Nissei parts that you need! At Complete Plastics, we build replacement parts for Nissei injection molding machines. We have Nissei injection molding barrels and screws for replacement use, when needed. If you have your Nissei model number we can immediately give you expert advice on a replacement, or a rebuilt, Nissei screw. We have part numbers listed below, for the Nissei injection m...

Do you need Injection molding replacement parts?

Do you need Injection molding replacement parts?

Call us for top-quality molding screws, barrels and tips. The plastic and injection molding marketplace is a crowded one. There are many companies that tout their products in this industry, which means that there is no shortage of choices when it comes time to order replacements or repair parts for injection molding screws, barrels or tips.

Our Pricing Packages

I spent a lot of time on the phone with a repeat customer today. He had ordered some coil heaters from us in the past and was calling to re order. I got talking to him about all of the other products we handle and it turned out he needed a 100mm tip assembly. I quoted the Tip and explained to him that because he was a re peat customer I could put together a pricing packages for him.

Mold Cleaner Degreaser Four

A new customer called today. He was working in the tool room and came across a can of our Slide Mold Cleaner degreaser 4 part number 46910. His company had never ordered this product from any one and was used to using a catalog house cleaning agent. Having no idea where this can came from (I suggested the Slide fairy) he sampled it and loved the way it cleaned without having to wipe it off and how...

Mineral Insulated Bands

A customer called today with a Mica Band heater that he said every time he used one of the heaters with in 10 minuets they would blow. He was buying the heaters from another company but decided to give me a go at it since I had just done a few specialty ceramic bands for him to use in a different application.

Choosing the correct Tip assembly for you.

A customer that I have worked with a few time called today. She went to our web site to order her normal Slide products. While she was there she noticed our tip assembly page. She has always used and ordered a locking style tip assembly and wanted to know my opinion on the non locking style tip assemblies and what would be best for her process.

The OEM vs The after market Tips

Once again the main issue this week was the OEM vs the after market tip assembly issue. My customer called to order a 71 mm Sumitomo Tip. We had it in stock and shipped it the same day ups red for the next morning delivery. The customer called yesterday morning to let me know that the tip did not fit. After many hours of work between the two of us and pictures of their original tip it was determi...

Injection Molding Plant Improvements

Over the past few days we have been working with a company who called us in to look at the facility to see how they can optimize their production. They where running five presses all where Mitsubishi.

Mica Bands with Thermocouple Holes

This afternoon a long time distributor and I finally came to a conclusion on a issue that has plagued us for the last 6 months. I have worked with the same guy for the last 8 years. We have replaced and taken care of almost anything you could want in a injection molding facility for many of his customers.