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I spent a lot of time on the phone with a  repeat customer today. He had ordered some coil  heaters from us in the past and was calling to re order. I got talking to him about all of the other products we handle and it turned out he needed a 100mm tip assembly. I quoted the Tip and explained to him that because he was a re peat customer I could put together a pricing packages for him.

I am able to do this if a company orders more than one type of item from us ( for example they order mica heaters and then they also order a tip assembly from us)  We put together a pricing package that will  allow them to save on both their heaters as well as any new product they order in the future. By doing this I was able to save this customer 10% on his tip assembly. We strive to become your one stop shop for anything you need around an injection molding machine. Give me a call any time and I would be happy to see what we can put together price wise on all the products your company orders.

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