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Haitian Injection Molding Presses

Absolute Haitian is the leading supplier in the United States for Haitian Injection Molding Machines. Haitian’s machines are the leader in performance without the  long lead times and exorbitant costs that are found with other press manufacturers. With our many service technicians all over the country no one will be without service or have to wait multiple weeks on end to find resolution. We at Complete Plastics Systems Inc. are proud to be the exclusive representatives in the South Carolina and North Carolina area and already are able to add to the growing number of machines in the United States.

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Mars II Series

600-40,000 kN


(Multi Material Injection Molding Machine)
1,200kN – 20,000kN

Jupiter II Series

4,500kN – 60,000 kN

Saturn II Series

600kN – 40,000kN

Zeres Series

400kN – 13,800 kN

Venus II Series

400kN – 6,500kN