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Injection Molding Robots

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Heat Tech Systems Inc. and Yudo-Suns is supplying the injection molding industry with a high quality  injection molding traverse and side entry Robots. We also supply a high quality picker for your injection molding press. Our line of Robots are for those looking to see a high quality robot that compares to a Whitman or Star  robot without having to pay the high pricing. We use the highest quality parts out of Korea and in doing so we can achieve speeds of 1.3m/sec and a repeatability of ± 0.1mm. Just like we stand behind our quality with injection molding screws and with our heaters, we stand behind a high quality robot to meet all of your needs with any application.

  • gigayucon700

    GiGA Series Traverse Robot

    allows for a fast cycle time of 2m/sec to 3m/sec while utilizing it’s AC servos on all Axis’s. This series utilizes a high strength steel structure and a slim bridge structure and can be mounted on any injection molding unit from 350 Tons all the way to 3000 Ton presses with the GiGA -4500 being the largest in this class. The 700 Yucon controller comes standard and can utilize either a Japanese style pre programmed system or a European style that can be programmed by the user line by line.

  • SONIXcontroller670700

    Sonix Series Injection molding robot

    utilizes the same style high strength and slim bridge. The Sonix- 808i-u and 810i-u can have speeds as fast as .6m/sec on the x-axis. The ultra high speed model of the Sonix series fits 100 to 350 Ton units. The standard Sonix’ models fit the same tonnage injection molding presses but has speeds as fast as 1.1m/sec compared to the ultra high speed model at .6m/sec. This unit comes with a Yucon 670 model controller that has a LCD full color display.



    Sema Series Injection Molding Robots

    Is another popular small traverse model that uses fast speeds and also has a 18% weight reduction. The vertical and traverse axis use a AC servo motor while the Crosswise axis uses a Linear servo Motor. The speed of the crosswise axis has a amazing speed of 1m/sec and a repeatability of ±.1mm. The Sema fits 100 to 350 Ton presses and also utilizes a Yucon 650 model controller that has a 8″ LCD full color monitor and can either be pre programmed or a fully open controller for those looking for more complexity and the ability to program line by line.

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    are a great swing type robot and range for a wide size of injection molding presses. The sprue picker style robot can be used for dual and three plate molds as well as a side entry model as well. We can also supply a picker for 30 Tons and less.  This injection molding picker uses a STEC-K4 controller that uses a reliable LCD display in a compact and ergonomic design.