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Portable Chillers

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All Products Made In The USA

Johnson Thermal Systems has been building chillers since 2004 for a multitude of applications and industries like the plastics industry, medical industry, machine tooling, welding, and any other application that needs cooling in any part of the country.
JTS is very competitive in portable chillers and the larger industrial/centralized systems. Most chiller companies get form 30 tons and up and the prices are very high. We are able to build chiller in the 100’s of tons and beat prices from Trane.

Standard Options on the ET Series Chillers

♦ Single Air-Cooled Refrigeration Circuit

♦ Self-Contained Open to Atmosphere Hydronic System
♦ Micro Channel Condensors

♦ Stainless steel centrifugal pump

♦ Scroll Compressor

♦ Non-Fused Disconnect

♦ Stainless Steel Brazed Plate Evaporator

♦ Hot Gas Evaporator Freeze Protection

♦ Non-Ferrous Piping

♦ Vertial Air Discharge(air cooled chillers)

♦ Pump Bypass

♦ Polyethylene Reservoir

♦ Micoprocessor Based Controller

♦ Outlet Pressure Gauge

♦ Textured Powder Coated Cabinet

♦ Nema 12 Electrical Enclosure

♦ Indoor Rated

♦ UL1995 Listed

♦ 40°F to 120°F Operating Ambient

♦ Cleanable Air Filter

♦ Interchangeable Filter Panels(3-10 Tons Only)

♦ Fluid Level Sight Glass

♦ 18 Month Parts & Labor Warranty

♦ 24/7 Customer Service

Portable Chillers for the Injection Molding, Extrusion , Blow Molding Industry

Heat Tech Systems Inc. has been in the plastics industry for over 30 years and have been suppyling the plastic’s industry with chiller systems across the United States as well as the surrounding countries.

Chillers for Injection Molding machines are sized based on Hydraulics HP size and on the molds based on Pounds Per Hour rates of materials.

Our staff is knowledgable in being able to look at your process and make sure you are supplied with chiller systems that will meet your application’s needs.

We will be more than happy to help you size any of your chiller needs.

Other Applications:
We supply chiller systems outside of the plastics industry into many other industries such as:

Water Jet Applications

Machine Tool Applications






The Johnson Thermal Chiller System offers you 24 hour service, 18 month (Parts and Labor Warranty) and Made In the US quality at a very competitive price. Most of our Portable Chiller units are delivered from stock or no more than 4-5 weeks delivery. For a quote you can email . Most quotes are out same day or call 770-427-3834 for pricing. All our products are engineered and manufactured to the highest quality. This allows us to have a justification and pay back of just a few months.

The Air Cooled Chillers and Water Cooled Chillers are made to stand up in tough production atmosphere. The Air Cooled Portable Chiller Systems have a self contained water tank to be a stand alone system. The water cooled Chiller package is made very efficient and compact for industrial use. We work very hard for our customers to increase profitability by reducing down time supplying high quality longer lasting product. Both systems will give many years of long trouble free use. Try our Air Cooled Portable Chiller or our Water Cooled Portable Chiller you’ll will be happy you did.


Dimplex S Series Portable Chillers


We supplied Dimplex chillers for many years through out the industry and in competition with other companies like AEC, Thermal Care, Budzar and Temptek/Advantage. We find at Johnson Thermal Systems that we can maintain a better experience with service as well as offering a better price to you as our customers. Also we find that in other industries like the Bio Gas, Dairy, or Brewing/Distillery/Winery that we can make bigger and more custom applications to suit their chiller needs without pricing going through the roof. Below i have listed some technical comparisons to a well known company like Dimplex to show how we compare.




  • Hot Gas capacity control for +/- 2 degrees F. temperature stability
    Pump capable of 20 gpm@ 70 psi
    Fully insulated tank and piping
    Fluid pressure gauge on outlet (supply line) of chiller
    Plus all of the KV feature

    • Full Diagnostics and Protection Against
    • Loss of Power
    • Phase Reversal
    • Motor Overload
    • High Temperature
    • Loss of Water Pressure
    • Separate High and Low Refrigeration Liquid-Filled Pressure Gauges
    • Liquid-Filled Pump Pressure Gauge
    • Automatic Fill Valve
    • Alco Thermal Expansion Valve
    • Internal Spring Loaded By-Pass Valve Prevents Deadheading of Pump and Potential Freezing
    • Over sized Air Cooled Condenser for Low Head Pressure and Capacity
    • Non-Proprietary Controller
    • Adjustable Freezestat Switch Prevents Damage to the Evaporator
    • High and Low Pressure Switches
    • Copper Tubing on all Instruments and Gauges
    • Copeland Scroll Compressor
    • Hirshman Hot Gas By-Pass Valve and Liquid Line Solenoid Valve
    • Heavy-Duty Powder Coated Cabinet
    • Motor Circuit Protectors (Not Just Fuses) Eliminate Nuisance Fuse Failure
    • Finger-Safe Electrical Enclosure
    • Phase Monitor
    • Stainless Steel Tank
    • Control panel disconnect switch




Under the brands of Koolant KoolersTM and Schreiber ChillersTM, DTS will continue to provide standard and custom chilling solutions for a variety of market segments, most notably:

  • Industrial – Laser, Machine Tool, Filtration, Welding, etc.
  • Medical
  • Plastics
  • Food processing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Semiconductor & Electronics

When your industrial application requires heat removal to maintain precise and reliable temperature control, you can count on a Dimplex Thermal Solutions (DTS) chiller to satisfy all your heat management needs.

DTS offers a diverse product portfolio of high-quality, durable standard and custom chillers. Under our Schreiber ChillerTM brand we offer chillers with cooling capacities ranging from 1/8 ton to 20 tons that are available for quick delivery. If your application requires a more precise cooling solution, our Koolant KoolersTM brand chillers are ideal. Every Koolant Koolers ™ chiller is engineered to meet your exact application needs including: controls, integration, footprint functionality, and temperature stability.

As part of the Glen Dimplex Group of companies, DTS offers the agility of a small company and the financial stability and depth of an actively involved parent company. This fusion gives DTS the unique ability to satisfy large-volume, sophisticated cooling projects, as well as precise, technical cooling requirements for customers who require a few high-quality cooling units per year. Our collective reach and corporate dedication to customer satisfaction is unmatched in the industry. DTS has ISO-9001 certified manufacturing facilities in California and Michigan.

DTS brand chillers offer rugged, reliable designs in a variety of cooling capacities, provide our customers with years of trouble-free service. Easy to install, DTS chillers offer a variety of options and designs, all with the high-quality components and service support for which Koolant KoolersTM and Schreiber brand chillers are known.

Our Mission

At DTS, we strive to be the preferred supplier of our customers by providing custom and standard chilling solutions with the lowest total cost of ownership. Our products and worldwide network of after-sales support will distinguish us from our competitors. Everything we do reflects this mission and the values that make it possible.

Manufacturer of standard, custom and O.E.M. industrial liquid chillers.The primary applications for which we supply chillers include the cooling of medical diagnostic imaging equipment, lasers, machine tool components (spindles, ball screws, linear motors, hydraulics, etc.), metalworking fluids, resistance welding, plasma and thermal spray equipment, water jet equipment, test equipment and food processing.Chiller capacities range from 500 watts (1,500 Btu/Hr.) to 2,460 kW (8,400,000 Btu/Hr.).Chillers can be built to meet UL1995, CSA, JIC, NEMA, NFPA 79, CE or NTRL standards.


The S series industrial Portable Chillers are designed, manufactured, tested and finished at Koolant Koolers in Kalamazoo Michigan

  • Designed with off the shelf, reliable industrial components.
  • The heart of the system the compressor is a hermetically sealed scroll compressor for the quietest and most reliable operation on the market.
  • Units are designed with solid corrosion free, stainless steel reservoir, with no plastic for your customers to crack or puncture.
  • Our patented K-Slope condenser to reduce floor space and provide vertical air discharge keeping warm air off workers.
  • Drop-in, lift out reusable, cleanable air filters.
  • Digital Display temperature controller
  • Submersed copper coil the most dependable on the market less susceptible to damage caused by freeze up.
  • All piping and fittings are constructed of non-ferrous materials