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This Product is  Made In The USA

Granutec Inc. was founded in 1980 by Merritt Tetreault. He wanted to create a reliable and heavy duty Granulator design that would work for all different lengths, widths, and thickness as well as types of resins. To this day they continue to bring to the market a Heavy Duty solution to the Injection Molding, Extrusion, and Blow Molding industries that is made in the United States. We at Heat Tech Systems Inc. and Complete Plastics Systems Inc. have focused our business model around trying to supply products that are mainly produced in the United States. We also feel that it is very important for our customers to feel secure in that we have unwavering customer service and support on all of our products.




The Side press units are great for the capability to have individual units at individual presses for the operators to throw runners or other small scrap pieces.



The Central systems are great for the need to have a unit that can handle larger parts and from multiple different presses.