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Injection Molding Equipment

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All Products Made In The USA

Injection Molding Machines, Robots, Chillers, Blenders, Temperature Controls, Grinders and Plastic Driers

Farrag Tech Plastic Dryers and Internal Cooling Systems


Provide the latest Plastic Dryer processing technology to improve the quality of your Plastic Drying Process and increase the productivity of plastic processing machines. With internal cooling your productivity can be increased many times with the same equipment. With internal cooling the plastic can form quicker and be more stable then cooling with a standard plant air and simple blow pin.


Portable Chillers

kv chiller

Dimplex chillers are manufactured in the US of the highest quality components and are one of the largest manufacturers in the US. Water and Oil Circulating Temperature Control equipment, portable process Chillers, Central Chilling Systems, Pump tanks and full Tower Systems. Most units are shipped from stock ,have a 2 year warranty and give years of reliable service.

Temperature Controllers

We supply a full line of temperature controllers that use both water and oil as heating medians.

  • These units are for operators and presses that need to heat up to 250°F. Supplied both in solenoid and modulating valve systems.


Pneu-con will design a complete Central Powered Conveying System to meet your needs. Also provides Vacuum Conveying, Pneumatic Conveying, Vacuum Loaders, Vacuum Pumps, Vacuum Blowers, Bulk Storage Systems, Receivers, and other components.

Accufeed Loaders

loader clean

One shot loaders are made in the US. Made very high quality and built to last. They can load up to 700 lbs an hour from the floor to the machine or from a grinder to the machine. Regrind and color are no issue and we can handle all sizes of regrind.